Purrkitecture: connecting structures for happy cats

What is purrkitecture?

Through a proto-typing process that has gone through eight interations (and counting), we've created a series of easily configurable, modular connecting structures meant to make cats happy.

Based on the latest scientific research into cat behavior and psychology (and hours of painstaking testing done by our two Chief Purrkitects), we've created a structure system meant to stimulate your cats by tapping into their natural instincts.

  • 😼 Cats are naturally territorial animals. They are immediately attracted to areas they can claim and defend. purrkitecture provides your cats with "territory" to control.
  • 😿 Cats experience boredom just like humans. They need regular stimulation to their environment to stave off tedium (especially when they are indoor only). purrkitecture is easily changable—allowing you to provide your fe-lion with a new environment regularly.
  • 😽 Cats like dark hidey holes. Cats are the Earth's premiere hunters and one of their most cherished tactics is surprise. purrkitecture gives your cats a series of dark spaces for doing dark deeds.

In fact, right now, your cats are plotting ways to convince you to support our Kickstarter when it launches in October 2019.

How did purrkitecture start?

Our two cats, Abe and Lincoln, didn’t start out as friends.

In fact, I think it’s fair to say that Abe absolutely hated Lincoln when they first met.

But now the two are fast friends and these two friends are the reason that purrkitecture was created—but it’s a story that also involves cookies. A lot of cookies.

Just over three years ago we started a late-night cookie delivery business called After Dark Cookies. As we launched the business we ordered a LOT of things from various corners of the internet and a slew of boxes filled with restaurant equipment began arriving. The boxes collected all over our house: stacked and strewn about.

To Abe and Lincoln these boxes represented the absolute best toys they’d ever seen and they immediately made them their forts and hideaways. They would crouch and spring from hiding and chase each other around the house. They started getting more exercise than they had in years and both of them slimmed down as a result of their new-found, improvised play structures.

Somewhere along the way, we got the idea to start connecting these boxes together with tape. Scotch tape at first, which failed to hold them up. Then packing tape. Then lots and lots more packing tape. The structures grew and grew until it stood five boxes high and cantilevered to the point of being almost dangerous for us—and the cats.

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The cats had a blast with this structure. They would fight over it and claim it as their own, playing the cat version of “king of the mountain” like delighted children. But, like any cat toy, eventually, after a couple of months, they grew used to the structure and it stopped being quite so interesting to them. They moved on and started resorting to their sedentary life once more.

So we switched up the boxes. Because of the insane amount of tape needing to keep the structure stable, it took more than three hours to construct the box tower in a new configuration.

But, after the changes, it was like magic for the cats. Because of the alterations in placement and structure, it was as if it was a whole new land, a whole new territory for them to explore and conquer.

They were hooked and delighted, once again.

We realized that cats, born territorial creatures, loved the exploration that came with a change of arrangement. They also loved the dark, hidey-holes that they could peer out of to stalk their prey (us, or each other). And they can stand tall, peering down at the world below like the kings and queens they think they are.

But while the cats loved our creation, and it was perfect for them, we didn’t love it quite the same way. It was kinda ugly. It didn’t fit with our decor. It had packing tape everywhere—that kept coming off. And it was a HUGE pain to change up.

We needed a better way.

And that’s how purrkitecture was born.

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